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- Washing 25 AED / max 10kg (detergent included)

- Drying 30 AED / max 10kg  per cycle

- Ironing 5-15 AED per piece depending on the size.

- Drop and pick up later from shop 65 AED / max 10kg includes washing, drying, folding, reusable laundry bag.

- Stain removal 5 - 20 AED depends on the area of the dirts.

- Laundry bag 5 AED in the vending machine

Washing Home Textile

- face towel 25 AED / 10 pieces
- Pillowcase 25 AED / 10 pieces
- Duvet cover 25 AED / 2 pieces
- Blanket 25 AED / 3 pieces
- Bedspread 25 AED /  piece
- Carpet 25 AED / 2 pieces * Carpet size max 1 m2

Wash and Dry Home Textile

loading instruction

55 AED / max 10kg

Dryclean (delivery within 48 hours, delivery in 24 hours will be double price)

Shirt 15AED 
T-shirt 15AED 
Blouse 20AED
Trouser/Jeans 20AED
Short 15AED
Jacket 35AED
Suits(2pcs) 49AED
Dress(normal) 35AED
Skirt(S/L) 19AED
Abaya 25AED
Salwar suit(2pcs) 25AED
Salwar suit(3pcs) 30AED
Dishdasha 20AED
Ghutra 11AED
Lungi/Wazir 13AED
Coat 40AED
Coat long 50AED
Shoes 100AED
Ghutra Wool 30AED
Night dress 25AED

Dress long 60AED
Track suit(2pcs) 30AED
Track bottom 18AED
Party dress 70AED
Saree Blouse 15AED
Jacket special wool 90AED
Trouser leather 140AED
Jumper 20AED
Blanket double 50AED
Carpet wool/m2  60AED
Skirt long 25AED
Skirt Pleated 25AED
Inner shirt 10AED
Sofa Cover big 45AED

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